Reaching the halfway point and getting out of the 'teens' feels like such a big milestone in this pregnancy! It's the one that i've been looking forward to the most since we found out we were pregnant those many moons ago. I mean, I feel like i've been setting myself little milestones since we found out (reaching 12 weeks, then the start of the second trimester at 14, feeling him move for the first time) but getting over half way was the big one!! 

How far along: 21 weeks + 1 day 

Days until due date: 130

Baby's development: Baby Boy Parsons is about as big as a carrot now. He's 10.5 inches from head to toe and weighs about 360g!

My bump: Bump is still growing and has started to take on that nice round, pregnant-belly shape! I'm rather thankful that i've not reached that stage where people look at me and realise that i'm pregnant rather than just bloated or chubby. I'm now getting strangers congratulate me and ask when i'm due which is lovely. 
^^ A true representation of how I feel most of the time ^^

Stretch marks? None yet but I noticed a varicose vein on my boob the other day. Odd. Loving the bigger boobs though. 

Cravings: Nothing really – I can’t manage to eat big meals so am enjoying lots of little snacks and *trying my hardest* to keep them as healthy as possible. 

Sleep: Don't even get me started on the weird pregnancy dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was in a plane crash, my teeth fell out and that Ben looked like Frank from Always Sunny (image below for those that don't watch it)...
Safe to say I definitely didn't feel rested when I woke up this morning. 

Best moment this week: Having our mid point anatomy scan which I can honestly (and so very gratefully) say was one of the wonderful experiences of my life to date. I was really quite nervous beforehand but the moment that we saw him up on the screen I felt all that anxiety dissolve away and be replaced by pure love for this little boy.

He was laying upside down with his head in my pelvis and his feet up by my tummy button and I couldn't get over how much he was spread out over my tummy now. For a good portion of the scan he wouldn't move from on his side to help out the Sonographer get a picture of the left side of his heart that I was given 10 minutes to dance and jump around the room like a lunatic to get him to move. But nope... the boy was comfy and not moving for nothin'. We all had quite the giggle over that and eventually she got the shot. 
Worst moment this week: The anxiety leading up to the scan. That and the constant toilet breaks in the night. Bored of those already. 

Miss anything? All the British food that i'm gonna stuff my face with when I get home next month! That and our loved ones back in the UK of course...  

Movement: Much more frequent and noticable! I feel him moving around a lot more now (mainly when i'm relaxed at home and resting) and even though my placenta is located at the front some of his kicks can be felt by Ben when he has his hand on my tummy. He's obviously kicking pretty hard. I will say that even though it's the oddest and bizarre feeling it's also the best. Once I got used to it that is. 

Mood: Up and down but mostly up. We're both so excited about getting home and sharing this experience with everyone that it's all we talk about now. That and the plans we have for his nursery. And what baby swag we're excited to get. And what he might look like. And how crazy excited we are about meeting him. And how much he's loved by everyone already....yeah, there's a lotta baby talk around these parts these days.


Obsessed with this podcast at the moment. The perfect preparation for parenthood.

Day dreaming about living in this apartment, visiting this place and napping here

Looking forward to reading this book

Ozark. One episode in and i'm hooked. 

This is the only diaper bag that i've found that I remotely like the look of. 

I spent a lot of time lately diving into the depths of The Public Domain Review and this essay was my favourite. Mary Toft and Her Extraordinary Delivery of Rabbits. What a title.


These are the things that I probably should do this weekend...but probably won't.

Deal with the ironing.
Not eat any pizza. It's so hard in Chicago. 
Not moan about the humidity.
Wear real clothes and not just my pajamas. 
Eat less chocolate.
Actually make some decent headway with the book i'm reading. Reading one page at night before I fall asleep just isn't cutting it and at that rate I won't finish the bloody book till 2020. 
Get my ass on my yoga mat. 

I predict that a good 3/4 of that list will remain undone in favour of napping and snuggles with Ben on the sofa, but a girl needs to dream right?

What is your to-do list looking like for the weekend?


How far along: 18 weeks today

Days until due date: 154 

Baby's development: Baby Parsons is now the size of an artichoke which is about 5.6 inches long! He's also yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing too. Not only that but he's twisting, rolling, punching and kicking in there and is big enough that I might start to feel him more. The crazy thing I can't wrap my head around is that his weight will increase about six-fold over the next month!

My bump: Definitely there. 
Stretch marks? Not yet thankfully. Am slathering on my oil twice a day which is definitely helping. 

Cravings: Am still loving pretty much anything savoury but no weird cravings apart from that. 

Sleep: Terrible. But that's mainly down to our REALLY creaky bed and my constant toilet breaks in the night! I've now got a pregnancy pillow to try so fingers crossed that will make an improvement. 
Best moment this week: Going to see a baseball game at Wrigley Field on Saturday. We were in the company box, behind home plate...AND the Cubs won. After the game we decided to walk the 4 miles home which was really relaxing actually and helped stretch out my tight hips! 

Worst moment this week: The three day headache that started Sunday night. Thankfully a session at the Chiropractors (complete with an hours massage) really helped and i'm finally feeling better! 

Miss anything? Sharing a bottle of prosecco with my Sister and Laura. 

Movement: A few flutterings here and there but nothing constant. 
Mood: Excited. Crazy excited. I can't believe that in just 22 weeks we're gonna meet our little boy. So fucking surreal.

Looking forward to: Getting home in September and eating all of the British food that i've missed these past 7 months!

Am currently missing:

  • My Nan's homemade ham, egg and chips
  • Crumpets and jam 
  • A Proper bacon sandwich
  • My Mum's pancakes with lemon and sugar 
  • Fish and chips from the 
  • Dishoom curry
  • A proper ham and cheese sandwich

I'm gonna eat so much that first week were back. Send help!! 


The most magical thing happened last night. 

No not that, get your brain out of the gutter. 

I slept for 8 hours STRAIGHT THROUGH. 

It was fucking miraculous. 

Any other pregnant ladies out there will understand the magnificence of this occasion. For the past 13 or so weeks I've been taking three or so toilet breaks in the night and even though I never fully wake up every time I go *it's kinda like sleepwalking to the loo* it doesn't make for feeling nice and rested come morning. 

And then this morning at 5.15am *yes, yes, work backwards and figure out my super early bed time* I woke up with the most beautiful orange light streaming through the blinds and didn't believe my eyes when I looked at the clock and saw that it was already morning. I did my usual half asleep journey to the loo and then sat myself on the balcony to watch the sunrise. 

Which was utterly beautiful.

This might be the most random / non-event I've ever blogged about but it just had to be done. Sorry, not sorry. 

The Parsons x 


How far along: 16 weeks & 5 days

Days until due date: 163 days 

Baby's development: "At 16 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of an avocado, measuring 4.6 inches long and weighing in at 3.5 ounces. At  17 weeks, baby is the size of a pomegranate and will measure about 5.1 inches long and weigh about 5.9 ounces." 

As I'm 16 weeks and 5 days i'm thinking that Baby Parsons is somewhere in between those two. He's able to listen to my voice thanks to tiny bones forming in his ears and is growing hair, lashes and eyebrows now too. His skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. Go Baby Boy! 

My bump: My tummy is still continuing to pop out gradually and is starting to feel a lot harder and firmer now. I was so bloated for so long that I've kind of gotten used to having a tummy now but it certainly feels bigger than it looks. 

Stretch marks? Apart from a few that I got on my boobs early on none so far! Still slathering on my Clarins Tonic Oil which I love.

Cravings: Tomato Juice and Olives

Sleep: Am sleeping okay at the moment minus the three or so toilet breaks during the night. I'm kind of used to it now so it's not bothering me hugely. I've always slept quite on my right side or tummy so changing the habit of a lifetime is proving tough... when we get back to the UK the first thing I'm going to do is buy myself a pregnancy pillow... I've got my eye on this one. 

Symptoms: Heartburn...which is a total bitch. 

Best moment this week: Hearing Baby Parson's nice and strong heartbeat at our hospital appointment this morning...see silly picture at the top of this post!

Worst moment this week: The seemingly constant heartburn and having to go to the toilet all the damn time. The compressed bladder and need to drink more water sucks. 

Miss anything? Being able to comfortably sleep on my tummy...such a bummer. 

Maternity clothes: Every single day. Being comfortable is the only thing I care about. I've been so lucky that the maternity section in our nearest H&M is pretty good so have stocked up on some relatively cheap staples that are seeing me through. 

Clearly i'm loving the stripes....
Movement: The other day when I was laying down on the sofa nice and relaxed I started to feel an odd fluttering in my tummy... it was so unlike anything I've felt before which makes us (and our Dr.) think that it was Baby Parsons! Ben popped a hand on my stomach and could feel it too!! Our Dr. said that at this point feeling the babies movement will be still quite sporadic but it was good to know what to look out for more as time goes on. 

Mood: Anxious to get home back to the UK and create a new home for our growing family! The desire to nest is SO strong at the moment but I'm trying my hardest to enjoy our remaining time here instead. What was fun though was having a mooch around one of the baby stores here in Chicago to get a feel for what kind of pram we might get when we're home! I loved it! One of the things i'm most excited about purchasing.
Looking forward to: Our 20 week half way point ultra sound Scan so we can see our little man again! We're scheduled for the 14th August so will be a nice early birthday treat for me!


drinking / tomato juice... obviously
eating / olives
loving / all of the baby clothes we've got already but especially the "I need a NEW BUTT" book
practicing / being kinder to myself when i'm having a bad day 
wearing / my pj's and a snuggly blanket
mastering / the art of dressing my growing tummy
missing / my family and friends tremendously
reading / The City of Mirrors 
working /  on minimising all of the beauty products I own
listening / to the No Such Thing As A Fish and the Dirty Mother Pukka podcasts
enjoying / watching American Crime
wanting / to eat proper english homemade food again
excited / to get back to the UK, find our new home and make it our own