In classic 'i'm getting old' style, how the fuck is it nearly April? Seriously, how has that come round so quick?? Time is SERIOUSLY going by faster the older I get. When I was growing up my Dad used to bang on about it but I never really got it. But now?? I get it. I get it pretty darn loud and clear. 

Besides Chicago's temperamental weather (read: mood swings) there really isn't a lot for me to talk about! We had GRAND plans at the weekend to explore some new neighborhoods but the weather gods simply didn't agree so we spent most of the weekend at home. It was crazy foggy, drizzly and cold all weekend so no regrets there about bailing on our plans. Instead we facetimed our families, watched lots of films, ordered Thai and lazed around. On Sunday we did briefly venture out for brunch but came straight back after and caught up on the latest season of New Girl.

A weekend well spent. 

But here's to this weekend being more exciting yeah?


Listening… to Ed Sheeran's new album on repeat. And Lorde's new song Green Light. 

Loving… my new leather jacket that I got for a complete steal in the Topshop sale. And the super warm weather that we had here in Chicago today. No lie, it was 26 degrees. 

Reading… The Circle.

Looking forward to... seeing my family in a couple of weeks and getting some much needed sunshine and cuddles from my Sister! 

Not looking forward to... having to be 'bikini ready' in two weeks.

Wanting… this handbag. But also wanting it to be $2000 cheaper. I mean come the fuck on. I'm sure it would be stated as the reason for the divorce if I was ever stupid enough to buy it. 

Considering... if it's acceptable to go home, get straight in to bed and not move until at least noon tomorrow. 


3 days after moving to Chicago, my Dad and Sister came to stay. 

Now if you remember back we had originally planned to be in Chicago from the beginning of January so my Dad booked flights to visit for February half term (they're both teachers!). The plan was for us to be settled in and acclimatised before they arrived so that we can show them the city, our favorite spots etc etc. You know the drill. 

As such, life never works out to plan and we were delayed

So they arrived and we all discovered the city together! Here are some of my fav pics from their visit...


Hello from Chicago!!! 

So, I thought it was about time for me to do a bit more of a chatty life update as to how things have been going for us over here in Chicago as I haven't done one of those in a while.

5 weeks in and so far so good! 

Our apartment is gorgeous.
The city is utterly beautiful.
The shops are good. 
And the weather is crazy.


1. Good Me Bad Me
Disturbing and compelling. The story of Milly, whose mother is a serial child killer. Her narrative gripped me from the get go and i'm still not sure how I feel about her. Fascinating take on the connection between mother and daughter. 

2. The Passage & The Twelve
These books are epic and creepy. It's hard to cliff note what these books are about because they are so sweeping and involved (they span hundreds of years and more characters than I could mention) but in two words: post-apocalyptic. Vampires. 
I never EVER read fiction books more than once. Except for this series. Because they are THAT good. 

3. White Hot Truth
Danielle LaPorte's finest. Out on May 16th. You are your own Guru. Pure gold. More coming soon about this gem. 

4. North Waters
An Arctic whale killing expedition set in the 19th Century. Cold, violent, cruel and fucking shocking in parts. Completely immersive. I read it in two days and it's still with me. 


Dear London,

I miss you. 

But more than you I miss the people that you hold.

This morning we Face Timed Alex and Laura. They have the day off and are having one of our famous 'lets put the mattress in the living room and watch films all day' kinda days that started one very hungover New Years Days a few years ago.

Which made me a little homesick.

I miss them and I miss not being able to pop over and have one of those lazy days with them. 

It sucks. But this is what we signed up for. An adventure. 4000 miles away. And it's not forever. 

I read this somewhere recently and it's stayed with me ever since... 

"Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was."

Isn't that just the truth?

The Parsons 


Ahhhh! three weeks later and I feel like I'm finally put together enough to put at least some of our home on the internet. As much as I know that i'll never get the, this is our forever home feeling, it certainly feels our home this side of the world. 

Ben and I came to Chicago with seven suitcases full of clothes between us and only a handful of bits and bobs to make the apartment feel homely. For me it was mainly pictures, my journals, my most precious jewelry and my favorite Jo Malone candle in the scent that I wore on our wedding day. For Ben it was his PlayStation(!) and the framed speech that his brothers gave at our wedding. 

As we were walking into a FULLY furnished apartment it was reallllly important for me to nest and make it feel like home by filling our home with nick nacks (in a minimal & classy way of course). By tweaking the furniture a little, putting up our photos, purchasing an enormous throw, a few vases and far too many candles we had ourselves a homely lounge.

For Christmas Ben bought me this amazing photo frame for our lounge over here. 

It's hooked up to my Instagram. Friends and family can send pictures to the frame. The clarity is exceptional. You can create albums & playlists for different holidays, occasions etc. It's very cool. I love it.