Don't you just love it when technology just kicks you in the *metaphorical* balls???

As soon as I started blogging again the (incredibly old) laptop I was using decided to give up the ghost and there it was. An unexpected break in my blogging schedule. 

Oh who am I kidding?? I don't have a blogging schedule. That would be much too rigid for me. I'm a write when I feel inspired kinda girl! 

Anywhooo... I've now got a new laptop! A shiny new gold one! Which means that I'm back and blogging has become quite the joy!

So...now we're over that shall we have a quick life update? 

First up, we're STILL in London. 

We were originally hoping to be flying out to Chicago at the beginning of this month but it wasn't meant to be so instead we're now living in a serviced apartment right in the City of London and are heading out to Chicago in 10 days. The count down is on people!!

We had our Visa's approved this morning at the U.S Embassy and flights are all confirmed so it's now all moving in the right direction.

Whilst this delay has been unexpected and a little frustrating at times it's been quite nice having such a slow and relaxed start to 2017. I'm still going strong with the knitting, napping and life admin with the napping being most restorative and enjoyable. The next 10 days will likely be spent in much the same way with a smattering of seeing family and friends and organising our luggage for the second time.

Right... it's time for my daily afternoon nap*

*you'd never guess i was nearer 30 than 70 would you?? 

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