New Year. New Blog.

It's been a looooong time since I last blogged over at Our Little Balham Life and whilst I loved that space at the time it felt right to have a fresh new something for 2017! 

So here we are...Love, The Parsons.

A space for me to tell our stories and adventures as they happen :) And a little smattering of beauty and wedding posts thrown in too..for variety's sake! 

Let's get up to speed shall we?

I got married in October to my best friend, Ben (that's us up there in the picture!). Went on our honeymoon to Edinburgh in November. I quit my job in December. We moved out of our home a few weeks ago and into a temporary serviced apartment. And.... finally we're moving to Chicago at the end of the month with Ben's job! It's pretty much all systems go over here and I can't wait to have you come along for the ride :)

The Parsons x

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  1. Somehow, in the craziness of life, I lost track of your original blog. Then while reading through my old posts, I saw a comment from you and did some jumping around. I hope you are enjoying married life, I am excited to follow along! :)