Yesterday I took the coach to Bristol to see a few of my good friends who live there before we fly off to Chicago. 

I had the most gorgeous time and as i'm still processing some of the deep, honest and beautiful conversations had with both Anna and Carly i'm only going to say just a few words this drizzly Friday night.

I'm damn lucky to have found such amazing friends in those two women. Friendships that have sprung up from the most surprising of places and are as true as they come. They've always built on being our real Selves, our beautifully flawed and honest Selves.

My life is made all the better from knowing them and even though this time next week i'll be half way across the world, I know that our friendships will remain as strong as ever. 

Tonight as I sit here processing, journaling and having a delicious glass of red wine I can't help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

I have a circle of trusted magical people that surround me and that itself is magical. Anna and Carly are just two of them. My family, my Husband, my other incredible friends. I'm blessed. 


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