Hello from Chicago!!! 

So, I thought it was about time for me to do a bit more of a chatty life update as to how things have been going for us over here in Chicago as I haven't done one of those in a while.

5 weeks in and so far so good! 

Our apartment is gorgeous.
The city is utterly beautiful.
The shops are good. 
And the weather is crazy.

^^ Seriously though... this snap was taken on our day exploring Lincoln Park a few weekends ago. It was 25 degrees Celsius and we were all wearing t-shirts and moaning that we weren't going to experience a 'proper Chicago snow winter'.

^^ This snap was taken two days ago. Snow storms, a couple of inches of snow and minus 15 degrees. Seems we shouldn't have moaned so soon! 

Even though the weather here is a bit bonkers I'm really beginning to love the city.

We're living in River North and have gotten to know the local area pretty well but there are tonnes of neighborhoods that I've marked to explore over the coming weeks. For Xmas my Sister and her boyfriend Sean bought us the NFT Guide to Chicago and it's been such a good go-to when we fancy trying somewhere different so thanks guys!

One of our favourite things to do as a couple is go out for dinner and we've had some really lovely nights out exploring nearby bars and restaurants since we got here.  A few faves so far have been RM Champagne, The Allis and Public House.

On Tuesday night we spent the evening planning a few road trips and holidays which was super exciting! 

Next month we're road tripping to Fort Walton in Florida and spending a few nights in Nashville on the way. Which means that I've got about 3 weeks to get really into Country music apparently. Fab.

We're working on a potential trip to Miami in May, a weekend trip to New York for a friend's birthday and we're determined to get to Colorado for a few days too this Spring.

Then the super exciting trips start happening...Ben turns 30(!!) in June so I've planned a surprise trip at the beginning of the month for us both and then we're in Vegas over his actual birthday weekend!

I honestly don't know how i've managed to keep his surprise trip quiet so far... which doesn't give much hope for the next 12 weeks does it?

And then finally, we've got Barbados this August with my family! For 2 weeks!!

So all in all.. it's a good year for holidays hey?

Till next time!

The Parsons x

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