1. Good Me Bad Me
Disturbing and compelling. The story of Milly, whose mother is a serial child killer. Her narrative gripped me from the get go and i'm still not sure how I feel about her. Fascinating take on the connection between mother and daughter. 

2. The Passage & The Twelve
These books are epic and creepy. It's hard to cliff note what these books are about because they are so sweeping and involved (they span hundreds of years and more characters than I could mention) but in two words: post-apocalyptic. Vampires. 
I never EVER read fiction books more than once. Except for this series. Because they are THAT good. 

3. White Hot Truth
Danielle LaPorte's finest. Out on May 16th. You are your own Guru. Pure gold. More coming soon about this gem. 

4. North Waters
An Arctic whale killing expedition set in the 19th Century. Cold, violent, cruel and fucking shocking in parts. Completely immersive. I read it in two days and it's still with me. 

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