Ahhhh! three weeks later and I feel like I'm finally put together enough to put at least some of our home on the internet. As much as I know that i'll never get the, this is our forever home feeling, it certainly feels our home this side of the world. 

Ben and I came to Chicago with seven suitcases full of clothes between us and only a handful of bits and bobs to make the apartment feel homely. For me it was mainly pictures, my journals, my most precious jewelry and my favorite Jo Malone candle in the scent that I wore on our wedding day. For Ben it was his PlayStation(!) and the framed speech that his brothers gave at our wedding. 

As we were walking into a FULLY furnished apartment it was reallllly important for me to nest and make it feel like home by filling our home with nick nacks (in a minimal & classy way of course). By tweaking the furniture a little, putting up our photos, purchasing an enormous throw, a few vases and far too many candles we had ourselves a homely lounge.

For Christmas Ben bought me this amazing photo frame for our lounge over here. 

It's hooked up to my Instagram. Friends and family can send pictures to the frame. The clarity is exceptional. You can create albums & playlists for different holidays, occasions etc. It's very cool. I love it. 

The kitchen is pretty standard; its nice and modern, has everything we need, blah blah, but my favorite part is the fridge. And not because it's enormous but because for Christmas Ben's Mum got us a personalized calendar. Having the faces of our loved ones looking back at us every day is so fun! 

Thank you Muma!

On to the bathroom.

At first I was pretty frustrated at not having a nice way to have my most used products and make-up brushes to hand. Which vanished as soon as I got these dreamy containers from H&M home. Sorted. Everything else (namely my make-up) is shoved haphazardly into the drawers. I'll deal with that another day.

One random thing though... most baths i've come across in the U.S are incredibly shallow and finding specific bath products in the drug stores isn't that easy either. It's like they don't want to feed my out of hand bath habit. I just don't get it.

Moving on to our bedroom.

Our bed is comfy. And we both have a bed side table and Ben now has his own side of the room to create mess in. Perfection.

In London our bed was up against the wall which meant that we had to share a bed side table and every time Ben wanted something in bed I had to get it. It got very annoying very quickly. 

Here though we have our own bed side tables and there's been a distinct reduction in arguments which has been a good and unexpected perk of moving here. 

His side. 

My side. 

For all of you wondering who that cute guy is in my 'stuff' box...that's my teddy Eddy. He's the BEST. I've had him since I was a baby and I think on some level that Ben was hoping I would grow out of him when I was married. Alas, I didn't. Our relationship is as strong as ever.

Moving on again as i'm sure it just got super awkward. 

I love our balcony.

As you can see our apartment is pretty high up.

42 stories high to be exact.

Which gives you great views (hello Lake Michigan) but definitely took some getting used to.

Most buildings in the Loop are high and after a while you just don't notice any more. Seriously.

So there you have it...our Chicago home.

Lots more Chicago happenings coming your way soon!

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