In classic 'i'm getting old' style, how the fuck is it nearly April? Seriously, how has that come round so quick?? Time is SERIOUSLY going by faster the older I get. When I was growing up my Dad used to bang on about it but I never really got it. But now?? I get it. I get it pretty darn loud and clear. 

Besides Chicago's temperamental weather (read: mood swings) there really isn't a lot for me to talk about! We had GRAND plans at the weekend to explore some new neighborhoods but the weather gods simply didn't agree so we spent most of the weekend at home. It was crazy foggy, drizzly and cold all weekend so no regrets there about bailing on our plans. Instead we facetimed our families, watched lots of films, ordered Thai and lazed around. On Sunday we did briefly venture out for brunch but came straight back after and caught up on the latest season of New Girl.

A weekend well spent. 

But here's to this weekend being more exciting yeah?

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