I suppose now that the cat's out of the bag I should talk about how we found out we were expecting??

Let me take you back to the 19th April.  It was a normal work day morning and whilst getting myself ready I realized that I hadn't gotten my period yet. It was due that day so I was being a little preemptive in my thinking but I grabbed a test anyway not thinking anything of it.

Being slightly hungover (whoops), I peed on the stick and saw just one line come up first of all so I said to Ben 'No baby this time' and plonked the test on the kitchen counter and walked away.

A couple of minutes later as I came back in the kitchen with my shoes and coat on, ready to head to work and Ben was standing there looking at the test. Silent.

Quietly he murmured 'Nicola...I think you should have a look at this, doesn't two lines mean you're pregnant?'.


There were tears in his eyes (and total disbelief in mine) as we stood there completely fucking flabbergasted. Shaking my head in shock I mumbled something incoherent about it "never usually having two lines" when I took a test and simultaneously smiling and giggling like an idiot. We stood there in complete shock for a couple of minutes before we decided to get some more tests on the way to work to confirm.

The walk to work that day was certainly an interesting one as we tried to process the news! When we both got home from work that day I took another test. Another two lines.

I then took another one the day after. Just to make sure. And then another one.

Yup...definitely pregnant! 

Doctors appointments were made and we spent the next two weeks pretty much in shock. 

Once the news (finally) sunk in a little more we got to getting really excited about growing our little family. We told all our families a week later and managed to capture it all on video which was hilarious!

I kept an early pregnancy diary throughout the whole first trimester and will be sharing that soon for all of you interested.

We're so excited and can't wait to share this journey with you all!!

The Parsons xx

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