How far along: 18 weeks today

Days until due date: 154 

Baby's development: Baby Parsons is now the size of an artichoke which is about 5.6 inches long! He's also yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing too. Not only that but he's twisting, rolling, punching and kicking in there and is big enough that I might start to feel him more. The crazy thing I can't wrap my head around is that his weight will increase about six-fold over the next month!

My bump: Definitely there. 
Stretch marks? Not yet thankfully. Am slathering on my oil twice a day which is definitely helping. 

Cravings: Am still loving pretty much anything savoury but no weird cravings apart from that. 

Sleep: Terrible. But that's mainly down to our REALLY creaky bed and my constant toilet breaks in the night! I've now got a pregnancy pillow to try so fingers crossed that will make an improvement. 
Best moment this week: Going to see a baseball game at Wrigley Field on Saturday. We were in the company box, behind home plate...AND the Cubs won. After the game we decided to walk the 4 miles home which was really relaxing actually and helped stretch out my tight hips! 

Worst moment this week: The three day headache that started Sunday night. Thankfully a session at the Chiropractors (complete with an hours massage) really helped and i'm finally feeling better! 

Miss anything? Sharing a bottle of prosecco with my Sister and Laura. 

Movement: A few flutterings here and there but nothing constant. 
Mood: Excited. Crazy excited. I can't believe that in just 22 weeks we're gonna meet our little boy. So fucking surreal.

Looking forward to: Getting home in September and eating all of the British food that i've missed these past 7 months!

Am currently missing:

  • My Nan's homemade ham, egg and chips
  • Crumpets and jam 
  • A Proper bacon sandwich
  • My Mum's pancakes with lemon and sugar 
  • Fish and chips from the 
  • Dishoom curry
  • A proper ham and cheese sandwich

I'm gonna eat so much that first week were back. Send help!! 

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  1. Wow awesome seats for the game! Your bump is so cute :)