As soon as we found out we were pregnant I started to keep an early pregnancy diary.

I found it so unbelievably reassuring reading other women's experiences of their first few weeks. So many women don't talk about the first trimester as it's such a personal & frankly quite scary time that I devoured the few blogs & vlogs that I did find.

My hope is that if I can make anyone feel just a little reassured with this post then i'm a happy lady.

So...here goes, my experience of the first trimester!

So.. we just found out we're expecting and i'm four and a half weeks gone which means that little Baby Parsons is only the size of a poppy seed at the moment. Crazy. I've been feeling pretty dizzy most of the time and utterly exhausted. I've been sleeping a solid 10 hours most nights and more so at the weekend. Bed is my best friend. 

My boobs are also massive (for me) and super tender. It's kind of like the feeling you get before your period but much worse! My regular bras are now so uncomfortable so i went to VS last night and bought the comfiest bra I could get my hands on...my boobs thanked me today that's for sure. 

Things are getting along but boy does it feel like time is creeping along at snails pace! I kind of just wish that it would be 12 weeks already so we can relax a little more. I never thought that I would be this anxious but I really am. The fear of miscarrying feels so real and is there all time time. 

This past week i've felt just as exhausted but with a sicky feeling in my tummy thrown in which has been pretty gross. I have a feeling that it might get worse! 

Bloating. Lets talk about the bloating... it's the real deal when pregnant and I legit look about 5 months pregnant whenever I eat! All of my clothes are tight so I went straight to Amazon and bought myself a belly band! Here's to hoping it works or i'm wearing pj's for the rest of this pregnancy.

Still exhausted. Still bloated. Still have incredibly sore boobs. Such fun. 

Bedtime has moved to 8pm on the regular and i'm totally okay with that. 

Sickness has really kicked in this week and it's really doing one on me. I don't think I've ever felt so consistently rough. The thought of eating anything makes my stomach turn. The process of eating makes my stomach turn. Having food in my stomach makes my stomach turn. Oh the joys.

The anxiety is still there and going strong but being really open and honest with Ben about my fears is a huge help. 

The nausea is still rough and I have a complete aversion to most foods except plain pasta and potatoes (much to the annoyance of Ben). The thought of eating veggies makes me want to hurl but I've been lucky that I haven't actually been physically sick. Here's to hoping this continues. 

The exhaustion is still pretty bad so no change there.

At the weekend I treated myself to some Clarins Tonic Oil as I noticed that I've gotten a few stretch marks on my boobs already. I'm starting early in the hope that I can prevent as many as possible on my tummy! 

At the beginning of the week we had our first OB appointment which was SUPER exciting! We got to see our baby and it's heartbeat for the first time which was literally the best thing I've ever experienced. 

I physically felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders when I saw the strong heartbeat. I don't think I realised how much I was bracing myself for bad news. The anxiety is still there but it's eased off knowing that the pregnancy is viable and the baby is doing well in there so far. 

The baby was dated and we were spot on with our prediction as to how far along I was...8 weeks exactly! Baby is due officially December 27th 2017! 

The biggest thing that changed for me this week is that it all feels suddenly very real, like seeing the baby was confirmation that i'm actually pregnant and my body wasn't tricking me. Ben is convinced that we're having a girl and I think it's a boy so looking forward to finding out in a few weeks when we do one of the genetic tests that lets us know. I can't wait to be smug when it's a boy...teehee! 

This week the nausea hasn't been too rough. My sense of smell is off the charts though. At the weekend I finally caved and bought some maternity clothes and thank goodness we did...I'm so much more comfortable now. 

It seems like the tiredness is lifting ever so slightly (no more naps the second I get home!) and the nausea is getting more manageable. Some days are worse than others but its definitely better on the whole so I'm counting my blessings. 

My skin on the other hand is AWFUL... congested, spotty, oily and dull. Not only can I not be bothered to do anything about it but my diet is so random and dependent on what I can stomach that it's definitely not helping. Suppose I'll just have to put up with that. 

WEEK 10 
Well well well, I'm finalllllyyy feeling pretty normal! The sickness has all but gone and i'm only a little more tired than usual. I'm also not looking pregnant at all anymore due to the fact that the dreaded bloating has eased off. 

In terms of my skin.. it's starting to clear up after I switched a few of my products to lighter and anti-bac ones. 

This week we had our genetic screening blood test. It's to identify the risks of our baby having a genetic disorder such as Down Syndrome, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18... we'll find out the results in 7-10 days. Fingers crossed. 

Another exciting week..for quite a few reasons! I'm feeling entirely normal now...no more sickness, no more all encompassing exhaustion and i'm actually wanting to eat vegetables again. Score. 

We also got the results from our genetic screening test...and everything was normal. The tests came back negative reducing the chance of a genetic disorder to only about 3%. 

We also found out that we're having a BABY BOY!!

The test tells you with about a 98% accuracy of the gender so we're going with boy!

Most excitingly is the fact that my tummy is also starting to take shape! The bloating is gone and i'm officially showing. A nice little bump (which I can't stop touching)....it's all so exciting!

I've been pretty terrible in keeping a diary since Week 12 as we've been quite busy but things are settled down now so i'm going to start doing more regular updates to keep this this going! 

If you're pregnant or have a baby already, how did you find the first trimester?

The Parsons

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