Well well well...I've gotten my first weird pregnancy craving. 

Tomato Juice. 

Let me start by stating that i've HATED the idea, the smell and the taste of it for years. Those people who love a Bloody Mary at Brunch? No. Thank. You. Ugh. 

Give me prosecco with Brunch any day. 

Oh... a tall glass of cold I miss you. 

Anyway, I digress, back to the tomato juice. 

Yesterday it was all I could think about. And then the pod cast I was listening to (No Such Thing As A Fish) told a fact about Tomato Juice being tastier when you're on a plane or some such and that was it. I NEEDED TO HAVE SOME. The Universe was conspiring. 

I picked up a bottle and grabbed a nice big pot of Olives as a snack (another of my favourites at the moment) to have along side the juice. 

I tucked in and had a total moment. IT WAS THE BEST. 

I was seriously happy with myself. 

And rather quite surprised by the whole thing. 

Thank you Little Baby Parsons. One less thing for me to hate. Now... where's the rest of that Tomato Juice?

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