Reaching the halfway point and getting out of the 'teens' feels like such a big milestone in this pregnancy! It's the one that i've been looking forward to the most since we found out we were pregnant those many moons ago. I mean, I feel like i've been setting myself little milestones since we found out (reaching 12 weeks, then the start of the second trimester at 14, feeling him move for the first time) but getting over half way was the big one!! 

How far along: 21 weeks + 1 day 

Days until due date: 130

Baby's development: Baby Boy Parsons is about as big as a carrot now. He's 10.5 inches from head to toe and weighs about 360g!

My bump: Bump is still growing and has started to take on that nice round, pregnant-belly shape! I'm rather thankful that i've not reached that stage where people look at me and realise that i'm pregnant rather than just bloated or chubby. I'm now getting strangers congratulate me and ask when i'm due which is lovely. 
^^ A true representation of how I feel most of the time ^^

Stretch marks? None yet but I noticed a varicose vein on my boob the other day. Odd. Loving the bigger boobs though. 

Cravings: Nothing really – I can’t manage to eat big meals so am enjoying lots of little snacks and *trying my hardest* to keep them as healthy as possible. 

Sleep: Don't even get me started on the weird pregnancy dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was in a plane crash, my teeth fell out and that Ben looked like Frank from Always Sunny (image below for those that don't watch it)...
Safe to say I definitely didn't feel rested when I woke up this morning. 

Best moment this week: Having our mid point anatomy scan which I can honestly (and so very gratefully) say was one of the wonderful experiences of my life to date. I was really quite nervous beforehand but the moment that we saw him up on the screen I felt all that anxiety dissolve away and be replaced by pure love for this little boy.

He was laying upside down with his head in my pelvis and his feet up by my tummy button and I couldn't get over how much he was spread out over my tummy now. For a good portion of the scan he wouldn't move from on his side to help out the Sonographer get a picture of the left side of his heart that I was given 10 minutes to dance and jump around the room like a lunatic to get him to move. But nope... the boy was comfy and not moving for nothin'. We all had quite the giggle over that and eventually she got the shot. 
Worst moment this week: The anxiety leading up to the scan. That and the constant toilet breaks in the night. Bored of those already. 

Miss anything? All the British food that i'm gonna stuff my face with when I get home next month! That and our loved ones back in the UK of course...  

Movement: Much more frequent and noticable! I feel him moving around a lot more now (mainly when i'm relaxed at home and resting) and even though my placenta is located at the front some of his kicks can be felt by Ben when he has his hand on my tummy. He's obviously kicking pretty hard. I will say that even though it's the oddest and bizarre feeling it's also the best. Once I got used to it that is. 

Mood: Up and down but mostly up. We're both so excited about getting home and sharing this experience with everyone that it's all we talk about now. That and the plans we have for his nursery. And what baby swag we're excited to get. And what he might look like. And how crazy excited we are about meeting him. And how much he's loved by everyone already....yeah, there's a lotta baby talk around these parts these days.

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