♥ Two of my favourite people are getting married next year which makes me SO HAPPY...my Sister and my bestie Richard. And i'm in both weddings which makes things extra special. 

♥ I've only got two more weeks of work left over here and feeling all sorts of feels about that. I've grown to really love the team i'm working in so if they could move to the UK that would be great. 
♥For my birthday Baby P gifted me an Instax Fuji camera and i'm obsessed. There's something really special about having instant physical photos and I've decided when i'm back in the UK it's time to get creating photo albums. 

♥ I think about the food that i'm gonna eat when I get back home for a good 80% of my day. Feeling pretty thankful that I can blame the upcoming gluttony on the baby.

♥ We're off to mooch around the Baby Show in Chicago this Sunday and I just literally booked us tickets for the London Baby Show in October too! It's all baby, baby, baby....

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The Parsons 

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