Thinking / That I got seriously lucky when I married Ben. It was my birthday on Sunday and for the whole weekend he looked after me like some kind of dreamboat husband, especially as I spent much of the weekend homesick and weapy! I'm talking cuddles when ever I wanted them (which was 90% of the time), cups of tea and treats on tap, Sunday night trips to get donuts (in the rain), breakfast at my favourite spot and then I was spoilt rotten with presents from him and Baby P. 

So. lucky. 

We got dressed up and went out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate and it was just so bizarre to think that was my last birthday before we have Baby P. 

We took ourselves to GT Prime for steak and we could not recommend it highly enough. The food was absolutely delicious, the atmosphere lovely, the service was on point and did I mention the food? Straight from Heaven. 

Happening now / Bum on sofa, candles twinkling and watching David Attenborough. 

Wearing / Pj's. Well actually Ben's Pj's because comfort is THE ONLY GOAL these days my friends. 

Reading / This article. Which basically blew my mind. The possibilities of No.

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