When you hear about all the things you experience while pregnant the focus is almost always on the second and third trimester, with the first trimester getting completely ignored a lot of the time. A lot happens in those 12 or so weeks and I was pretty much in the dark as to what to expect so here is a list of the things I wish i'd known about! 

I would also like to briefly mention that I really hope this post doesn't come off as an 'i'm not crazy grateful to be pregnant' post. I am crazy grateful of every second that i've been lucky enough to experience pregnancy. It's a complete honour and I don't ever take it for granted.

Here goes... 
1. You will feel exhausted. Seriously Bone tired.

I didn't realise how much making another human would take it out of me. For a good 10 or 11 weeks I napped every day when I got home from work and at least twice a day at the weekends. When I wasn't napping I was day dreaming about napping. When I wasn't day dreaming about napping I was talking about napping. My bed time moved forward about 4 hours till 7pm. Thank goodness it wore off at about week 14 as my productivity was serioouuuuslllly low.

2. Morning sickness is really ALL DAY sickness.

One thing for sure is that I was totally unprepared to feel so sick - all day, every day, for weeks. I knew that morning sickness was likely but no-one mentioned to me that it so rarely just strikes in the morning and it can feel relentless after a few weeks. Eating became a total chore of trying to find something that I could stomach (anything beige would usually be okay) and then feeling sick as soon as I managed to actually eat it. Sending out all my love to those women who have to struggle with HG. I can't imagine how hard that is. 

3. You might not feel glowing at all

Pregnancy glow my ass. I felt tired and looked even more tired. Even with all that napping. Suppose I should just get used to those dark circles eh?

4. Bloat McBloaty 

I really struggled with bloating between 5 and 10 weeks which meant I was in maternity trousers really quite early on.  Anything I ate bloated me and some days I legit looked huge compared to normal. Again, this started to ease off the further along I became and the bloat was replaced by baby. 

5. Weird freaky dreams

Vivid. Sometimes scary. Sometimes hilarious. Always bizarre. Who knows why this occurs but prepare yourself for some frequent WTF moments... (this one is still my favorite yet)

6. What's that smell?

Things smell more strongly and totally different than they did before you were pregnant. I felt like one of those sniffer dogs at the airport and everything and anything would set me off. I vividly remember walking to work one morning and the lady walking in front of us was eating a banana. That day I hated the banana smell. I wanted to grab the banana right out of her hand and chuck it in the bin. But then the smell of a bin on the street could make me gag. So yeah, it was annoying to say the least. 

7. Your boobs WILL be unbearably sore 

My boobs were and still are huge compared to before I got pregnant. It's been great in many respects but they were rock solid and crazy sore for weeks. I even had to go buy a bra that didn't hurt when I wore it. After about 11 weeks they kinda eased up in terms of soreness and 
8. Am I actually even pregnant?

Much of the first trimester is a strange experience. You know that you are pregnant, but you don't look pregnant. You don't even feel pregnant most of the time. You can't feel the baby move yet and you will likely convince yourself that the baby has simply disappeared / never was there in the first place. I certainly did. Up until we had our dating scan at 8 weeks and I saw him up there with his tiny beating heart that feeling was constantly there.

It's an odd and confusing time.

9. All the secret keeping 

Most women decide not to share the news that they are pregnant until they are in the relative 'safety' of the second trimester. For us personally, we decided to tell our family and closest friends earlier at about 6 weeks which meant that keeping the pregnancy a secret didn't really come up *phew*. I can't imagine how tough it would have been if we were back at home and waited till 12 weeks to tell people... and anyways, my sister and best friend would have caught on straight away!

10. It's overwhelmingly magical too

Last but not least... the whole process is overwhelming. But in a really good way. Life changed the second we did that first test and the last six months have FULL of love, wonderment, gratitude and excitement. I've said it before and i'll say it again.. I wouldn't change one second of the whole journey. 

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