I'm writing this post in utter disbelief that it's September already. September means we're coming home. September means that we're only a few months away from meeting Baby Parsons. September is when everything changes for our little family again. 

Over this past year i've learnt a lot about myself and one of those things is that I need to seriously up my self-care regime when there's a big change coming. I find the stress of moving house, let alone moving internationally, incredibly tough. As I think most people can relate to, it's at times like these that it's easy for the little things that help (like meditation, eating well, being outside, yoga etc) to slide off my to-do list and be replaced by the mindless activities of eating crappy food, scrolling on my phone for hours and watching too much tv.

With so much uncertainty and transition happening this month i'm going to really try and create a safe and supported space for myself. Here's some of the things i'll be doing:

Really enjoy the rest of our time here in Chicago. We've only got 18 days left before we move back to the UK and I want to really love every moment of it. This city has become so special to us; we spent our first year of marriage here, discovered we were pregnant here, worked awesome jobs and met some gorgeous people here. I'd hate for the last two weeks to be spent lazing on the sofa stressing about how much stuff we have to take back with us. Time to get up and out!

Read more fiction books. Not just pregnancy and baby books. Getting lost in a brilliant story is one of the best feelings, especially when combined with a candlelit bubble bath and Ben Howard playing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Practice my HypnoBirthing Pregnancy Relaxation meditation daily. I find that on the days i've listened to the relaxation track that I always feel more relaxed and the occasional thoughts that I have about giving birth on the lines of "oh my god, I can't possibly do/survive/manage that" are much easier to quiet.

Practice yoga more. Since I've been pregnant i've really not enjoyed yoga very much... it's been a case of "i'm feeling achey so lets do a few stretches".

Treat my skin better. Now the random breakouts have subsided a little it's time to get my skin care regime into nourish mode. All my skin has tolerated the past few months has been the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil, Lush's Tea Tree Water and Lush's Cosmetic Lad moisturiser. That's it. Nothing else. When i'm home it's time to start introducing back in a serum, eye cream and night oil on to of the daily self-massages with my body oil to try prevent stretch marks! I know this may seem like such an odd & not-important thing to focus on but i've always found that spending time looking after my skin and body an act of self-love.

Eat nourishing foods. Less sugar, more whole foods.

What are the ways that you look after yourself in times of change?

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