Moving home. We're back in the UK. Woo!! It's been a *very* hectic few weeks but we're here and things are finally feeling a bit more settled again. Moving internationally is just horrible. And doing it at 26 weeks pregnant makes it pure shite. But I can honestly say that I completely love our new home here in Tunbridge Wells and all that stress was worth it in a way. 

Nesting. I may be a little biased but I honestly think our new home is the most gorgeous one we've lived in so far. It was the third or fourth place that we looked at when we came down to TWells for the day to find somewhere to live and for me it was love at first sight; the huge rooms, tall ceilings, giant bathroom, working fireplace... the list went on. The Universe conspired (it always does) and we were able to move in just a few days after viewing it. Nearly two weeks later and it's really feeling like home. I mean...that fire... 
Having lots of baths. This is a bit of a weird one to include but our new bath is so deep and big that i'm making the most of being able to have an uninterrupted bath before baby arrives. Throw in some candles, a good book and i'm a happy lady.

Family time. Being so close to our families has been glorious. I really missed everyone when we were in Chicago and being so far away really proved hard for me. Everyone has been so supportive and amazing since we got back that we know we made the right decision to come home and have our baby surrounded by these all wonderful people. It takes a village after all. 
Goblin. It's so nice to have our Goblin back (after nearly a year!!) and wandering around the place being his typical sneaky self. I've missed him so much but thankful he's been looked after so well by Ben's mum this past year. He's been very much spoilt and i'm convinced he's waiting for when he can go back to stay with her again.

Tomorrow we're attending a Hypnobirthing workshop with Hypnobirth Tunbridge Wells and i'm so excited! I've been practising the relaxation track that Louise sent out when we booked and have found it really helpful in keeping a handle on my ever growing anxiety. 

I'll be writing about it all so keep tuned! 

Do you have any plans this weekend you're looking forward to? I'd love to hear about them! 

The Parsons x

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  1. Congratulations on the move! The house sounds lovely. I've been really into the whole nesting thing lately too, it's nice just to settle down and start preparing yourself and your home for the baby