This may look like a poor quality picture of a wet towel on the floor and yes, you'd technically be right, but what it actually is is a representation of just how much I've started to not give a shit about certain things. 

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm *incredibly* tidy, bordering on definitely OCD, when it comes to keeping my home tidy and organised. 

I don't think I've EVER left a wet towel on the floor overnight. NEVER.

Until now. 

I mean.. realistically.. was I gonna get my heavy pregnant ass up out of bed to put my hair towel on the radiator?

No. I. Was. Not. 

And that was it. 

That OCD niggling feeling that I would've had before that 'I totally have to get up and out of bed to hang the towel up or I won't sleep' was GONE. 

It's kind of like pregnancy is helping me prepare for the mess and unpredictability that comes with having a baby. 

Isn't it clever. 

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