2637 DAYS

That's how long I have known Ben for.
And that picture up there was taken the night that we met.

Friday 13th August 2010 / Girls night out in Hoxton / Copious amounts of wine consumed.

I walked straight over to 'the cutie by the DJ booth who can dance', took his glasses off and gave him mine. I then said hello and we realised we had the same prescription. We chatted (about what I haven't a clue), we danced, we kissed and we drunkenly arranged a 'proper date' at my request.
Our first date lasted hours. We had our first sober(ish) kiss on the escalators at Clapham South and he lent me his favourite jumper for my walk home.
A week later on my birthday and after a big "family and best friends only kinda" meal in Hoxton he met my Mum and my best friend Richard. Rich had been notoriously hard to please in the past when it came to my boyfriends (in hindsight he was ALWAYS spot on) so when he said "oh wow Nic, I actually really like this one" it was game on for me. I had to make this one work.
Seven years and quite a few hiccups later (mostly my fault I must add) here we are.
Every single day I am thankful that I walked right up to him in that sweaty East London bar and grabbed his glasses straight off his face. Every single day.
So thank you Ben for putting up with me and all my crazy.

I can't wait to start this new adventure with you. You're going to be such an amazing Dad. 
Love you xxx

**this post first appeared on my old blog Our Little Balham Life

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